The Hut’ by Hutchinson: The First Intelligent and Humanizing Emergency Shelter


The Hut’ by Hutchinson

A global leader in vibration control systems, fluid management systems and precision sealing systems, Hutchinson, a wholly-owned affiliate of Total, designs and produces customized materials and connected solutions. The company makes its multiple areas of expertise available in several demanding markets: automotive and trucks, aerospace, defense, energy, rail and industry.

At the cutting edge of innovation, Hutchinson is also expanding in new segments, particularly by using the design thinking method, an approach to innovation that is based on feedback from end users. The latest example is the Hut’, an intelligent and humanizing emergency shelter that is now being marketed after two years of product development.

All-in-one and modular, the Hut’ is a self-contained shelter designed to help people affected by disasters.

“We based it on market needs and interviewed several experts, such as emergency responders and firefighters, before designing the first prototype. Today, our innovative and unique concept enables emergency responders to provide a safe, comfortable shelter for people who aren’t taken to the emergency room. The Hut’ comes with everything they need,” says Céline Girault, the project’s marketing manager.

The patented system is ergonomic and intuitive, and self-inflates in less than 15 minutes to turn into a shelter equipped with everything emergency responders need when helping victims, such as lighting, a water supply, furniture (tables and benches) and charging stations for electrical devices, including computers and cellphones.