Covid-19: Keeping Everyone Safe at Our Sites and Service Stations


During the Covid-19 epidemic, Total’s sites and service stations are on the front line to guarantee mobility and safety for all. In all the places where we put our expertise to good use, we are ensuring business continuity while complying with the most stringent safety standards. As an example, read how we’re managing health restrictions at our Morainvilliers and Gargenville sites in France. With operations all over the world, Total is doing its part alongside the women and men working every day in all corners of the globe to fight the virus.

In response to the coronavirus crisis, Total has made the necessary decisions to protect the health and safety of its staff and ensure business continuity. During this tricky period, safety is now more than ever the Group’s top priority. That’s why Total is taking all steps to best meet its customers’ needs and at the same time keep its employees on the ground safe. At the Gargenville complex in France, Total is mobilizing its resources to produce fuel while still protecting its staff and partners from the coronavirus. The site, which supplies local service stations and airports, has implemented strict measures such as enforcing hygiene practices, dividing the number of employees on site by three and switching to remote working. The aim is to ensure that the facilities can continue operating without compromising on the safety and security of staff and infrastructure.

In our service stations, Total teams are on the front line to serve customers in optimal health conditions. All employees now wear gloves and masks and wash their hands regularly with sanitizer gel.

An extensive hygiene plan has also been implemented, with disinfecting of all equipment such as cash registers, telephones and microphones, and plastic film installed over microphones, card payment touch screens and fuel pumps.

In addition, we are encouraging our customers to comply strictly with social distancing measures and have made hand sanitizer, gloves and masks available to them at the cash desk. At our service station in Morainvilliers, France, health and safety rules have been tightened both inside and outside the buildings to protect our employees and our customers. Standing together with our stakeholders and working tirelessly by their side, we are doing whatever we can to limit the spread of the virus.