The ARGONAUTS robot wins the ARGOS Challenge!


The ARGONAUTS team winner

Total has chosen its first autonomous surface robot

It calls itself ARGONAUTS, measures 1.04m and weighs 90 kg. It originates from Austria and Germany. It moves on tracks and has an articulated arm that can reach 1.3m. It was chosen by Total to start operating on our industrial sites by 2020.

Alain Goulois
The ARGONAUTS robot has the most advanced level of technological maturity of the competition. It has a very robust and well-engineered system. Moreover, the robot has been designed in a modular and adaptable way, thus allowing further enhancements in the future.
Alain Goulois president of the ARGOS Challenge jury and R&D Vice-President of Total E&P until 2014


  • Security and Reliability: the localization/relocation algorithm achieves precision of one centimeter. The 3D simulator, very powerful and reliable, allows the operator to control the robot safely.
  • Explosion proof: the robot exceeded the requirements of the ARGOS Challenge rules by obtaining the ATEX certification prior to the third competition.
  • Ease of use: the human-machine interface has been developed and improved to make it easier to handle. The switching from one mode to another (autonomous or remotely operated) is very fast and efficient.