Managing your shares

Managing your shares depends on the type of shareholding.

Bearer, your shares are held by your bank or broker which carries out for you all the operations related to your account.

Pure registered, your shares are registered in your name with our agent, Société Général Securities Services, who directly manages them (sale, purchase, coupons, notices of shareholders’ meetings, etc.) without you having to choose a financial intermediary.

Administered registered, your shares are registered in your name with our agent, Société Général Securities Services, but the financial intermediary you chose retains the management (sale, purchase, coupons, etc.).

How do you register your bearer shares as administered registered or pure registered shares?

If you wish to convert your bearer shares to administered registered shares or transfer them on pure registered shares, please complete the following form and send it to your financial intermediary holding your shares:

Shareholders’ rights

  • Financial right

All shareholders are entitled to receive a share of the income generated by the Company if it distributes it. This decision is submitted by the Board of Directors to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, where annual accounts and the allocation of the fiscal year’s income are approved.

  • Right to participate in the social life

All shareholders are entitled to take part in the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. They have the right to vote (one share corresponds to one vote) at these meetings.

  • Information right

As a shareholder, you must be informed by the Company’s executives, at any moment and as soon as possible, of any fact that could have an impact on the stock market price. This right entitles the shareholder to have access to different documents on the management of social affairs and corporate life in general.

A dedicated team to serving you

At TotalEnergies, we are proud of the strong relationship we have with our 1,500,000 shareholders. We strive to develop a long-term and sustainable relationship with you, built on trust and dialogue. Our individual shareholder relations team is mobilized to make your life easier as a shareholder and makes strong commitments through its Quality Charter and its ISO 9001 certification.

You can contact us Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm to 5.00pm:

  • by phone:
    • in France, by calling 0800 039 039 (free from a fixed line)

      Numéro vert : 0 800 039 039 - Services & appel gratuits
    • from abroad: please dial +33 (0)1 47 44 24 02
  • by post at the following address:
    TotalEnergies SE    
    Service Relations actionnaires individuels    
    2, place Jean Millier    
    Arche Nord – Coupole / Regnault    
    92078 Paris La Défense Cedex    
  • by email at [email protected], or by completing this form