The Roads to Carbon Neutral


Our program The Roads to Carbon Neutral, in partnership with CNBC Catalyst, shares an inspiring and optimistic vision of TotalEnergies' role in our sustainable future on a global scale, through strong, human and grounded stories. Through each episode of the series, discover the solutions and innovations that are making the transition to lower-carbon energy a reality and helping us achieve a carbon-neutral future.

In 2023, we highlighted inspiring projects and Company employees committed to the energy transition. In 2024, The Roads to Carbon Neutral continues its journey around the globe, meeting people and initiatives working towards a low-carbon future.

In 2023, TotalEnergies showcased its commitment to energy transition though the eyes of key workers across the globe.

“Try to leave this world better than you found it.”

“I would say that the track is our lab.”

“I am promoting and selling fuel alternatives that are vital in helping reduce marine transport emissions.”

“There is now an opportunity to take these skills into offshore winds, building the bases for a carbon neutral future.”

In 2024 our journey continues

“Later when I retire, I would rest comfortably in the knowledge that theses guys are working hard and that is a legacy I can be proud of.”

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