Normandy: our largest platform in France


Location: Normandy, France
Operator: TotalEnergies (100%)
Facilities: Refining and Petrochemicals Platform

million metric tons : the refinery’s annual crude oil conversion capacity
France map

Each year, our Normandy platform in northwestern France, comprised of a refinery and a petrochemical plant, converts 12 million metric tons of crude oil into some 200 products, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricating oils and plastic pellets. Between 2000 and 2010, €1 billion has been invested to make the facility more energy efficient and align its production with changing demand. The Normandy platform is now one of our biggest refining & petrochemical platforms in the world.

Our successive investments in the Normandy platform, which is at the forefront of our industrial operations in France, enabled to enhance efficiency at the refinery and petrochemical plant and deepen synergies by creating a single platform. The upgrade has also enabled us to lower energy and water use at both sites and limit air emissions, thereby reducing the platform’s environmental impact.

The work undertaken has brought platform production in line with changing demand. Today, the refinery’s output represents 12% of France’s total refining capacity and the petrochemicals plant accounts for 11% of plastics produced in France. Products from the Normandy platform are sent to 60 countries worldwide.