Directors' Biographies

In order to optimize the management of our businesses, we ensure that our corporate governance bodies reflect the front-line reality of TotalEnergies. That's why the membership of our Board of Directors offers a diverse and synergistic range of expertise and, thanks to the appointment of independent directors, complies with a system of checks and balances. Read the biographies of each of the members of our corporate governance bodies.

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Biographies of the Members of our Board of Directors

As the decision-making body of the Company, the Board of Directors defines the strategic orientations for TotalEnergies and its businesses and ensures its implementation, with the support of its four committees: the Audit Committee, the Governance and Ethics Committee, the Compensation Committee and the Strategy & CSR Committee.
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Biographies of the Members of the Executive Committee

Under the responsibility of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Committee is the decision-body making of TotalEnergies. The Company Performance Management Committee works side-by-side with the Executive Committee to monitor HSE, financial and business performance.

TotalEnergies' organizational chart

The organization of TotalEnergies and its businesses at a glance.