TotalEnergies is a member of the IPIECA ("International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association”), an international association aimed at promoting environmental and social issues within the industry.

IPIECA was established following a request from the then newly established United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 1974, for the oil and gas industry to form channels of communication with UNEP.

The work of IPIECA is supported by a number of specialist working groups through which members actively participate. These groups draw on the skills and experience of IPIECA's international membership and operate with support from the IPIECA secretariat. IPIECA represents half the world’s oil and gas production.

IPIECA helps the oil and gas industry improve their environmental and societal performance by:

  • developing, sharing and promoting sound practices and solutions;
  • enhancing and communicating knowledge and understanding;
  • engaging members and others in the industry;
  • working in partnership with key stakeholders.

Within the framework of its non-financial reporting, environmental indicators include the Company’s performance indicators with reference made, to a large extent, to the IPIECA reporting guidelines, updated in 2020.