Hutchinson: A leader in processing elastomers

Our affiliate Hutchinson has 160 years of experience in processing elastomers. It is a world leader in vibration insulation, fluid management, and precision and body sealing systems. Numerous markets, from automotive and aerospace to oil exploration, trust its customized solutions to guarantee optimal comfort and safety.

Guaranteed equipment sealing systems

Hutchinson provides effective barriers between two environments (or pieces of equipment) that should not come into contact. It develops sealing systems for all types of fluids, as well as air-tight seals.

Hutchinson’s expertise spans a range of fields, enabling it to provide a variety of solutions to weatherproof cars, secure gas tanker reservoirs, channel fuel into rocket launchers and much more.

Vibrations, noise and heat: Insulating your equipment


Site de Hutchinson à Shanghai, Chine

Hutchinson develops seals, membranes, sealants, molded parts, coatings and adhesives adapted to a range of functions, including acoustic and vibration insulation, deformation control, temperature variation reduction, and water and fire resistance up to 1100°C.

Hutchinson has emerged as a major player in developing and installing thermal and acoustic insulation for the aerospace and medical industries.

Enabling fluid transfer

Hutchinson designs and manufactures hoses used to transfer water, air, gas, fuel and lubricants.

Used throughout the automotive, aerospace, railway and naval, industries, among others, these hoses are designed for a variety of systems, including air conditioning, braking and power steering, fuel and oil supply, and pollution removal systems (particle filters).

Industry: facilitating transmission and mobility

Site de Hutchinson à Shanghai, Chine

Hutchinson designs and manufactures solutions for the automotive, industrial and household appliance markets.

Used in tires and power transmissions, rubber and elastomers are ideal materials for transmitting controlled power.